Monday, June 29, 2020

Meet My Endurance Horse: DWA Saruq

by Merri

DWA Saruq
17-year-old Arabian gelding
owned by Connie Holloway

This horse is a character. On the trail he can be lazy, or he can be a rocket on the verge of running off. He can be very aloof, or he can come up to you expecting attention and a treat. He can be Mr. Cranky Pants if you wake him up from a nap to go for a ride (one should really try to avoid that!). He can swing his head around like a club; I heard he broke a previous riders nose. He’ll snarl at other horses on the trail if they try to pass him - we think that’s a stink eye tactic he used on the race track.

If DWA Saruq were a human, he’d be George Thorogood, with a cigar hanging out of his sneering mouth, singing “Bad to the Bone.“ He’s a fun ride.

Bred by DWA Arabians, he’s by DWA Ziffalat out of the Sabson mare DWA Ebony Star. He’s got 2755 endurance miles, most of those with Connie aboard, including the Big Horn 100. He made the cover of Endurance News in 2018.

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